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Cheyenne a.k.a Chey (Pronounced Shy)

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Cheyenne a.k.a Chey (Pronounced Shy)

Post by Cheyenne on Tue May 12, 2015 7:58 pm




20 summers


5'6 (feet and inches)

Eye Colour
Hazel, can vary to a green/blue

Hair Colour
Natural Brunette


English, United Kingdom


Brief Personality description
Cheyenne is quite a smart woman and strives to accomplish her goals in life. She is very charismatic and likes to socialise with others as well as her younger sibling, Salem. Also normally very calm and collected, she can slip into an irrational state of mind whenever the going gets tough. She was a born leader and isn't used to being commanded by another worthy person of her position. She can be very tricky to handle with a short temper but in other cases, she is the joker around her group.

Brief Appearance description
With her hair length brushing against her lower back, the ombre styled brunette has an appealing heart-shaped face and jowl. Her tanned complexion matches her hazelnut hued optics and button nose, her cheeks also holding a slight contouring of blush upon her high cheekbones. Cheyenne's body is curvaceous with a small waist and rounded hips leading into her athletic built legs. Her bone structure is long but not lanky with the correct amount of muscle spread across her thighs, calves, arms and torso.


Role-play example
[This is a Wolf RPG by the way]

With her tail, hanging limp between her hocks, oscillated gently in the breezes of the groves. Her cranium lifted slightly at the sashaying of the branches sparsely moving under the light pressure of the wind, Celestine's ears became erectile; listening. Always Listening. The vibrant hues of verdant buds left a fresh scent around the wooded terrain, the dew drops acting as an integument upon each leaf, thicket and shrubbery. 

The vegetation, specifically herbage, held many scents which made the receptors within ones nasal cavity tingle; The she-wolfs neither being one to pledge different nor hold a compliance. Her epidermis prickled as a current of air sliced through her thin pelting causing her hackles to rise considerably, a flurry of azure creatures rising from bark columns of the Alpine. Celestine's eyes pondered, mesmerised, over the sight of winged insects rising from the forest depths. A soft, impish yip escaped her jowls. Oh, if only her Alphess could witness such juvenile behaviors from her Beta. She would be done for. 


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