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Rules and Guidance

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Rules and Guidance

Post by Cheyenne on Wed May 06, 2015 10:34 pm

Roleplay Conduct

No flaming.  Ever.  If you have a problem with someone on the list, settle it privately.  If you cannot settle it privately, bring it to one of us and we will do our best to settle it for you only if you have tried every possible way to settle it yourself and still failed.  We are not your mother, so don't come crying to us because little Johnny hit you. If the problem is genuine, and we cannot do anything, one or both parties may be asked to leave the forum.  We would rather not do this, so please don't let disagreements get out of hand.  

If you have a complaint to lodge against another member, please bring it to our attention and we will deal with it as we see fit.

Roleplay Content

Do not start any major RP storylines without permission from us first.  It may conflict with a storyline we already have in place.  However, do not hesitate to contact us with ideas.  This is your forum as much as ours; we need your input and ideas to keep it going.  If your idea won't work at the moment, chances are it will work at some point later on, or we can incorporate it somehow.  This does NOT mean that you need our permission to do anything.  This only applies to plotlines that will involve the entire pack or a significant portion of it.

Keeping Player Knowledge Separate From Character Knowledge

There may be points in the RP where a secret is revealed and out for everyone to read about.  However, if a wolf told another this secret while they were alone, no one else should know it. This also falls into implied secrets.  For example - we all know the drill.  A guy character hangs out with a girl character, it's assumed by the players (often correctly) that these two will soon embark upon a romantic relationship. Please do NOT talk about the two as if they're already mated. If your character knows that one of the two has deep feelings for the other it will just be gossip which isn't too mind blowing. You ARE on the other hand allowed to ask one of the characters any questions.

Other Characters

You cannot be in two places at once. If you are in another RP location and are called upon by the leader of a group as well as a number of other significant others, you are expected to leave that location to find out what you are summoned for. If you are to leave an RP situation to join another, please do the polite thing and act out a scene before writing [EXIT] at the end of your post to allow the other to know you have left the area.

~ Admin

[ If you have any questions, please ask them below. ]

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